TASL will provide financial support to the scientific studies in the following five areas.

  1. EASL-AASLD Congress Young Investigator Grant

Terms of application:

  1. To have accepted oral or poster presentations at EASL-AASLD Congresses

  2. The research should be done in Turkey

  3. To be the presenter and the first author of the abstract

  4. To be younger than 40 years of age

TASL will organize the participation of the young researcher to the scientific congress (registration, transportation, and accommodation) who has documented these conditions. Each year at least one person will be awarded. Researchers who have oral presentations during EASL or AASLD or who have been awarded, will participate in the following National Hepatology Congress and present their work once again.

  1. Overseas Education Scholarship for Young Investigators

Terms of application:

  1. To go abroad to gain experience and do research related to liver diseases in a clinic or laboratory.

  2. To be younger than 45 years of age

  3. To have an acceptance letter from the applied center

  4. At least 3 months of education period

  5. Scholarships can be extended up to 12 months every 3 months. The researcher has to submit his/her work as an activity report to the board of directors at the end of each 3-month period. Researchers who certify these conditions are provided with financial support up to a total of 12000 euros (1000 euros/month).

  6. Transportation expenses of the researcher (airline tickets, round trip) and health insurance expenses will be covered by TASL.

  1. Best Abstract Award at the National Hepatology Congress

  1. For every National Congress, an award committee of 5 people will be selected by the organizing committee.

  2. The awards are given to the top 3 oral and 3 poster presentations selected by the award committee as follows:

Oral presentations:

Best presentation: 4000 TL

Second best presentation: 3000 TL

Thirs best presentation: 2000 TL

Poster presentations:

Best poster: 25000 TL

Second best poster: 2000 TL

Third best poster: 1500 TL

  1. Grants for Scientific Research Projects

  1. At least one clinical or basic science research project will be supported each year.

  2. Research projects topics should be related to the physiology or diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

  3. Research projects should be approved by the local ethics committee.

  4. The candidate must notify any financial support received from other institutions in the application form.

  5. The researcher who receives the grant is expected to submit an annual progress report to the board of directors.

  6. It is mandatory to state the support received from TASL in presentations/published manuscripts.

  1. Encouragement Award for Scientific Publications

Researchers who have published an original research article in SCI journals (as the first author) related with liver and biliary physiology/diseases in between two National Congresses dates, can apply for this award. If the name of the first author and the corresponding author are different, the application is made with the joint signatures of both authors.

Applications are done within one month before the National Hepatology Congress

The study should be done in Turkey.

The evaluation is done by 5 referees who are determined by the board of directors. The impact factor of the journal is considered as the ranking criteria. Awards are given during the National Hepatology Congress.


First place: 7500 TL

Second place: 6000 TL

Third place: 5000 TL

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